Taking the Bus from Ulcinj to Budva, Montenegro: What to Expect

Taking the bus from Ulcinj to Budva, Montenegro? Here’s what to expect:

Ulcinj has a well-maintained bus station (autobuska stanica) about a thirty minute walk from the Mala Plaza, the main center of town. From here you can take buses to a variety of places all over Montenegro.

Check times at busticket4.me, which shows the departures of several different local bus operators. It’s also possible to buy tickets in advance on this site, but we didn’t do so for our 12:42pm departure. We left our hotel at checkout time (11am) and got to the bus station with over an hour till the departure, and we were able to buy tickets without a problem. There aren’t a huge number of departures every day, so buy tickets in advance if you are concerned about not being able to leave at a certain time.

There is a large Franca grocery store near the bus station, and there is also a cafe and a convenience store on site. There are plenty of places to sit and a clean bathroom that costs .50 euro cents to use.

The tickets for our bus journey from Ulcinj to Budva cost €7 each. You can purchase them from a ticket seller inside the bus station (ie there is no automated machine).

The Alba Tours bus we took from Ulcinj to Budva was more like a minibus, and filled up quickly. Luggage was stored under the bus. If you are traveling as a pair, it’s a good idea for one person to stay outside to give your bags to the driver to stow, and the other person can go on board to grab seats together. The seats are small with limited legroom, so do this if you are worried about being smushed up next to a stranger for the next couple hours.

Inside an Alba Tours bus traveling from Ulcinj to Budva, Montengro.
Inside an Alba Tours bus traveling from Ulcinj to Budva, Montengro.

Be sure to sit on the left side of the bus for the best views. You’ll be traveling east to west, with the Mediterranean on your lefthand side. The ride is a little too jerky to get great pictures, but you’ll be able to spot Sveti Stefan Island City, a 15th-century island fort that is now an exclusive 5-star resort.

It’s fine to eat and drink on the bus, though you won’t have much room to spread out.

Google Maps estimates this journey to take about 1 hr, 15 min, but with intermittent stops, it will take you more like an 1 hr, 40 min.

Budva’s bus station is more central to the city than that of Ulcinj, but Budva is also a much bigger city.

The station itself is leafy and pretty (an oddity for a bus station!) and has several cafes on site. There is also a clean (though small) bathroom you can use for €.30.

Budva is Montenegro’s biggest summer holiday destination. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive is that local homeowners greet bus arrivals asking visitors if they need a room to rent, and all over the city you’ll see signs that say “SOBE — DHOMA — ZIMMER — ROOMS.”

There are also taxis greeting the bus arrivals. Budva is relatively walkable, but watch out for dead ends around the dry Grđevica canal that runs north-south and ends at the seafront.

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Taking the Bus from Ulcinj to Budva, Montenegro

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